All business of The club shall be managed by a Board of Directors which shall have and exercise control and supervision over the governance and management of The Club and its affairs, properties and facilities, subject only to the limitations contained in the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.


2013-2014 DAC Board of Directors

Rick Schaler

Rick Schaler, M.D.

Dan Jablonka
Dan Jablonka

Burke Riggs
Andy Bishop

Andy Bishop



Sean Campbell

Ben Dorland

Jeff Dykes

Fred Green

Courtney Harrison

Bob Langdon

Gary Moore

Gary Moore 

Cynthia Vaida

Carol Harmon

Carol Harmon 


Mike Hestera

Mike Hestera


Athletic Committee 
Stan Dunlavy - Chair
This committee is composed of all of the Athletic Sub-Committee Chairpersons. This committee shall advise the Board with respect to all athleticactivities to include (without limitation) all programs and tournaments, leagues, lessons and clinics, DAC (Athletic) Scholarsips, special athletic events and Child Care programming. The committee shall advise the Board with respect to program and facility enhancements, and operationg schedules and rules pertaining to the athletic facilities. 

Athlete of the Year Committee
This committee's main focus is the Annual Athlete of the Year Banquet; discussing potential athletes that are eligable including DAC Members, Professional Athletes and Lifetime Achievement nominees. The commitee evaluates all aspects of the banquet from the invitations, silent auctuion to the script and layout of the banquet.  

Audit Committee

Budget & Finance Committee
Andy Bishop, Treasurer
This committee can advise the Board on matters pertaining to Club fiscal/financial affairs and through the Trasurer, may submit proposed budgets and statmentments relating thereto the Board.

Bylaws & Legal Committee
Carol Harmon - Chair
This committee reviews the bylaws as requested by the Board and recommends necessary changes for consideration by the Board. They advise on routine and general legal matters as requested.

Employee Benefits & Pension Committee
Deborah Brackney
This committee shall monitor and review the benefits provided from time to time to the Club's employees, and shall advise the Board and the General Manger on matters pertaining to employee benefits.

Executive Committee
This committee is composed of the current club officers which include the President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.

Food & Beverage Committee
Alice Barton - Chair
This committee shall advise the Board and consult with the Genreal Manager with respect to the food and beverage operations of the Club, menu selections, and pricing of food and beverages and related services and commodities sold or served by the Club.

House & Construction Committee
Ben Maxwell - Chair
This committee shall advise the Board and the General Manager in the use and general supervision of the Clubhouse. The committee shall formulate House Rules and Policies regarding the use of the Clubhouse by members and their guests for approval and adoption by the Board from time to time.

Men's Health Club Committee
Chair- Pete Wycoff
This committee is made up of Men's Health Club Members     
and meets regarding Health Club concerns and issues.

Membership Review Committee
Dan Jablonka- Chair
This committee shall receive all membership applications and shall perform the duties set forth in 2.3 of the Bylaws, "Election of Members."

Member Conduct Committee
Jo Timmins - Chair
This committee shall review complaints against members of the Club as provided in paragraph 7.5 , "Disciplinary Procedures."

The Membership Committee
Sean Campbell - Chair Memberhisp
This committee meets to develop methods to attract and retain Members.

Nominating Committee
This committee is made of of past Directors and or Past Presidents of the Club. It is chaired by the immediate Past President and interviews nominees for open Board Positions once a year. 

President's Advisory Committee
This committee shall consist of the President and seven past presidents of the Club. This committee shall have no ppower or authority but shall serve solely in an advisory capacity to the President. 

Marketing Committee

Jill Lohmiller - Chair
This committee was developed to help with in house club promotions, events and activities.

Real Estate Committee
Mike Seeley - Chair
Bruce Johnson - Co-Chair
This committee will monitor the Club's real estate assets and issues affecting such assets. It will evaluate any proposals regarding real estate and provide inofrmation and recommendations to the Board.

Social Committee
Patti Askew - Chair
This committee shall advise the Board with respect to all social activities and shall oversee all Club social activities and special events. The committee shall advise the Board with respect to program and facility enhancements, and operating schedules pertaining to social functions. 

Strategic Planning Committee
This committee shall determine long-term strategic and operational goals for the Club.



DAC Ambassadors

The Ambassadors volunteer to help with various functions at the Club as well attend Breakfast with Andre.

Aquatics Committee

Assists with swim-meet planning, reviews pool policies and proceedures.

Badminton Committee
Marty Harrison - Chair
Recruit new players and maintain the weekly league.  Plan events and activities.

Basketball Committee
Jeff Lohaus - Chair
Form leagues, tournaments and pick -up games.

Cross Fit Committee
Danny Sells - Chair

Court Sports Committee
Stan Dunlavy - Chair
Ralph Graham - Co-Chair
Plans tournaments and new programs to increase both racquetball and handball opportunites for Members.

Young Professionals/Crimson Club
Dax Gitcho- Chair
Plans events and activities for young professionals, ages 21-40. This is a sub-committee of the Social Committee and on occasion they work together.

Fitness Committee
Chauncey Montera- Chair
Assist the Fitness Director and staff with develoopment of wellness based activities. Review and make recommendations regarding class schedules and programming.

Outdoor Recreation Committee
Plan outdoor based activities for every season. Promote and attend those activities.

Club 55 Committee

Thayer McDougal - Co-Chair
This committee plans activities, both social and athletic for Members ages 55 and above.

Squash Committee
Waseem Khan- Chair
This committee assists with the
planning and fundraising for local,
national and professional tournaments.

Taekwondo Committee
Ben Dorland - Chair
Develops exhibitions and instrucitons for Members.

"Under the Radar" Committee
Carolyn Schoonover, Chair
The Denver Athletic Club's Singles Social
Club. Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Tavern from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Yoga Committee
Bonnie Zelasney - Co-Chair
Mary Velky - Co-Chair
Review class times and track attendance levels of each class. Introduce others to Yoga. Discuss different forms of yoga and educate prospecitve yoga participants.

Youth Services Committee
Beverly Bedford - Co -Chair
Anna Cavaleri- Co -Chair
Meets to evlauate programming for Member children from ages 6 months to 5 years.