Art Walk/Wine Wednesday
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The first Wednesday of every month is Art Walk and Wine Wednesday! Enjoy wine and cheese outside of The DAC Restaurant foyer and enjoy chats from The DAC Artist of the month, while browsing the art with fellow Members.

The Art Group first came together in 2009 
for artistic camaraderie, to share practical tips in the creation 
and business of art, and to celebrate the art spirit.
Next Art Walk/Wine Wednesday is March 6

February Artist is Jessica Jones
Jesi J. Jones is a Denver artist who has shown her multi-media art projects in various art shows. Her creativity is displayed with a style multifarious in modern and organic abstractionism.  She has been employed with Denver Eclectics for over 16 years and enjoys meeting new people and travelling the world. Jesi uses many different mediums, such as acrylic, ink, resin, paint markers, markers, aerosol and paints on canvas, stretched canvas, wood, and glass. She believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to her artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. Jesi is a mother of two children, Sadie, 16 and Maxwell, 13. Through the love of art, family and friends she shares her talent with those around her to appreciate the dynamics of life.

No reservations required.

No reservations required.