child care

As educators, we believe that children can learn through play and by exploring the world around them. 

Our programs are designed to promote self esteem, facilitate positive development through healthy interactions and provide a continuum of care to assist children in becoming positive and healthy individuals. We are fortunate to be located in an athletic club which enables different gross motor opportunities in even the most inclement weather. DAC children utilize the Little Gym and the outdoor playground. Children also have the opportunity to take swim lessons, gymnastics, and dance while they are getting an education.

Mission and Core Values

Children’s Center Mission
Our primary mission is to empower children with the skills and abilities to participate responsibly in this world. The DAC Children’s Center staff believes that we can raise responsible young people in partnership with parents and families. Our mission and values come to life as we implement the following best practices:

  • Care-giver/teacher – child relationships are positive because these relationships lay an important foundation for child development.
  • Social-emotional competence is both modeled and taught as caregivers/teachers and children take ownership of these skills to increase success.
  • Classroom and outdoor environments are areas for adults to respond to children’s interests, to promote purposeful play, and to learn.
  • Care-giver/teacher – family partnerships are critical in raising responsible children.

Children’s Center Core Values

We work to bring these values to life through responsive teaching, care-giving, planning and differentiation:

  • Understand early childhood and development as a critical phase of life
  • Appreciate the bond between a child and family
  • Respond to children’s needs based on environment, culture, family and community
  • Respect the dignity of every individual (child, family member and colleague)
  • Honor the diversity of every individual (child, family member and colleague)
  • Establish trusting relationships as the base for success 

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Please be aware that whereas Drop-Off is open to any DAC Membership level, you do need a Family Membership to be enrolled in The Children's Center.
Both of our preschool classrooms participate in The Denver Preschool Program (DPP). If you live in the city and county of Denver, then your child will be eligible for a DPP tuition credit their last year before entering kindergarten. In addition to this credit each month, DPP provides funds for preschool to purchase materials, coaching and professional development. For more information on The Denver Preschool Program, please click here.